Photovoltaic Workshop ACESol

The PV workshop, ACESol, is located at the Noble Workshop on the Solar Center grounds and is run by PFAE-UNI.

History of ACESol:
The idea behind the PV workshop stated out when PFAE-UNI applied for a grant through Fallsbrook Centre to provide employment for landmine victims using renewable energy.

With the skills and expertise of Dr. Richard Kimp PFAE-Grupo Fenix trained interested members of the community of Sabana Grande how to build PV panels and install PV systems in the hope of building a cottage industry. For many years the PV workshop was based out of Don Marcos’ house (who is currently manager of the SuniSolar branch in Ocotal) and when construction was finished on the Noble Workshop it moved to its current location.

Over the years ACESol has build and installed various systems the majority of those being in the community of Sabana Grande but also including Honduras and Costa Rica.

The main way the worksho has got these orders is through Grupo Fenix contacts.

ACESol continues to play a mayor role in the courses that Grupo Fenix offers. Many of the courses involve learning how to install a PV panel. ACCESol makes the panel and then instructs the course hot to successfully install it.

Currently some of the difficulties ACESol are experiencing include:
  • Not being able to compete in price with other solar businesses that import their panels from abroad.
  • Not being able to apply for electrification grants or projects offered by NGOs and local government offices as the panels are not certified.

This has led the workshop to expand in diversify in different ways.  At the moment one of ACESol’s main projects is the solar production of distilled water which is need to maintain the battery in the PV system.

Other projects that are being worked on or are planned for the future include:
  • Training young people in the solar community hot to both build and install the PV systems.
  • Give annual workshops on good use and maintenance of PV systems to users in the solar community.
  • Market their products at the national level.
  • Offer workshops to train people to become PV installers.
  • Offer introduction courses to PV systems and instalations.
The current services ACESol offer are:
  • Solar Battery Chargers
  • PV Panels from 5 to 60 watts
  • Installation of PV systems
  • Repair and maintenance of PV panels and entire systems.
  • Solar distilled water for batteries.

For more information: History of the current use of Renewable Energy in Sabana Grande (español)